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Z38C - July 2013 IARU Region I. contest
HA1CA/Zoli & HA7PL/Laci worked as Z38C from Mt. Peren (1326m ASL) - locator KN12AG
Unfortunately, Dime and Igor could not join to the team, as they had to work that weekend :-(

Our plan was to install 4x6 el. YAGI group to fix direction of 330° and a rotated long YAGI on Friday. However our plan to rent a jeep in Skopje failed and Ford Fusion was not suitable for the last 4 km off-road conditions, we nearly gave up. On the way back to Kumanovo, at the 2nd restorant a waiter arranged a jeep for us. We lost 2/3 of the day, so we had to give up the plan to install 4x6 fix YAGIs.

Our rotated YAGI was G0KSC 12 el. LFA plus 2. We hoped that we can use 3x1.5m tubes from Stip radio club as a mast. However, Chris went for vacation and noone else had key to the place where tubes were stored. As a backup solution, we tied up 3 booms from the short YAGIs to serve as a mast and got a 2.5m 25mm dia tube from Igor to serve as the rotated antenna holder.

On Saturday, we finished the installation at 22:00 CET, so we lost the first 6 hours from the contest.

We planned to use 1kW PAs, but the 100W driver burnt down. We had reserve driver PA, but decided not to use it to simplify our work, so the GS35B PA was driven directly by the Javornik transverter. That resulted in about 550W.

This weekend the rain and the thunderstorm were regular "guests". All Sunday, we faced with strong static noise due to nearby thunderstorms (moving from south to west, closed our main direction). We started to dismantle the station from 14:00, as according to our experience we could have expected rain between 15:00-19:00. That had become a good decision, as the rain arrived at around 17:00.

All in all, it was a great adventure.
Since the Z38C licence is valid until 2018, will have opportunity to work again!

QSOs: 126
Average distance: 423km
Worked countries:
43xYU, 12xLZ, 12xYO, 11xS5, 10xHA, 10xSV, 10x9A, 6xOM, 5xI, 1xE7, 1xUR, 1xOK, 1xER, 1xOE, 1x4O, 1xZ3
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