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Photo gallery

The Z38R radio amateur licence. Issued 1 day before the contest (15 minutes before closing the office).
1 kW for all band. Wow ...
The rotator is already installed.
Laci (HA1RS/Z38R) is assembling the 70 cm yagi.
Mobimak installation team.
2 meter antenna group is ready!!! 4x6 el. YAGI (DK7ZB design). Rotating possibility between 240-60 degrees.
Look that ball on the right-bottom corner. Is it an UFO?
Still 500 m to the QTH on 27.06.2006. Off-road adventure.
Go go go... ahead...
1 person has already left the car... Maybe he knows something???
Where is the 1st van? ... What could have happened if it had rained?
Mobimak team prepares for the work. (From now, pictures from the other photo apparat.)
4x6 el. 2 meter YAGI and 1 x 19 el. 70 cm yagi.
Rotator plus 3 support is installed.
2 alpinists are in work. Finishing the cabling.
70 cm antenna transport to the top.
2x19 el F9FT for 70 cm. 1st CW-SSB activity in Z3.
Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C) is driving the jeep.
The target QTH. Peren, 1326m high in KN12AG (close to the Serbian border).
Toyota jeep. Zoli is in driving seat. Last 3km with surfaced road.
Above the clouds. :-)
The jeep and the caravan within the "jail". Zoli is outside.
35 m high tower. On the side: 4x6 el. 2m yagi. On the top: 2x19 el. 70cm yagi.
About 35 years old caravan. Tent is for brave persons to sleep (danger of snakes - brrr).
70cm shack in the jeep. FT847 (50W) plus voice keyer.
Rotator for left hand.
Heart of 2m station. FT1000MP MKV (last seria, ordered in October 2005).
1.5kW PA with GSZ35B by HA1YA. Unfortunately, my MKV didn't have enough drive on TRV output, so only 800W was the pwr.
Lap top with GPRS connection (35m distance from base station, good quality connection :-))
Zoli. For avoiding any misunderstanding: of course, officially, only Laci worked (since officially Laci got licence).
Getting darker and darker. Seems like a beginning of a storm.
Yes, definitely getting darker.
Time to stop. Too strong static noise. Lightning forced us to stop before the contest end.


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