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Photo gallery

Thursday: arrived to Mt. Peren with T-Mobile Install Team. Hot weather, no wind. T_Mobile offered professional help for installation, which saved time for Saturday.
Csaba/HA6PX - 2nd time on the location. Started to assemble the 6 el. DK7ZB YAGI group. Analyzing previous contests, the plan was to install 2 antennas: 4x6 el. fix YAGI to 335 direction (as majority of the contest stations are in +/-20 sector) 1 x rotated long YAGI.
T-Mobile team installs the fix YAGI group on the side of the tower and 1/2 inch feeder -- Great help.
4x6 el. YAGI group installation was ready in 3 hours. It covered sector of 310 - 010 for stations over 400km, and were able to work with all LZ and SV stations (backbeam) as well.
Ready to leave at CET 14:30. Due to strong sunshine - my legs got sunburnt.
So we worked from here. Container on the left is diesel aggregator, supplying power for 3 x Mobile operators, and ... of course for us.
CET 14:30 - rain clouds approaching from North ---> time to hurry up.
... While nearly clear sky from East.
Saturday - the way up to the hill top. We brought the equipment by Ford transit from Hungary.
We run out of asphalt road. Last 2 kilometers with surfaced road.
Zoli/HA1CA - having launch-dinner during station set up. We bought 4 Pastramalija (1 per day /per person). 1 was enough for a day for 1 person :-) As I burnt a bit down 2 days ago, wore pullover to cover arms.
13:00 CET. Still 3 hours before contest start.
12 el. Que Dee (6m boom) - borrowed from Laci/HA7PL. Unfortunately the SWR was 1:1,5, but could not find the reason.
Csaba became also hungry.
Long YAGI with 15m long 1/2 inch cable. Finally, we decided to use the old 50m long H-1000 instead, due to easier to rotate it and were able to place the mast further away from the fence.
The station in the box of Ford transit. Transceiver: Elecraft K3 + Javornik. We planned to use 2 antennas, each driven by kW. However one of the PA gave up (most probably due to high drive), so we changed to 1xkW. though we left both antennas on receive side. That proved to be a wrong decision...
Csaba is in operator seat.
Tents were for the equipment, boxes - storage. We slept in the Ford transit (as switched off during 01:00-07:00).
Sunday at 11:00, we decided to dismantle the YAGI group and continued with rotated YAGI only, as the band is down between 11:00-13:00. That brought us a surprise: after dismantling the SWR meter showed infinite value. So we transmitted during all contest on the fix YAGI group, while received on rotated YAGI. :-) Muhaha
Contest ended. We managed to make 97 QSOs with 427km average distance. Worked with 27xYU, 20xHG, 16xLZ, 9xYO, 8xOM, 7x9A, 4xS5, 2xE7, 2xSV, 1xDL, 1xUR
Max. QRB: 1441 (DL7AU - JO30). He was here very strong and completed the QSO in 2 sporadic periods. We called an ON station as well, but not succeded to make QSO.
We left the 4 x booms and cables in Peren. Z38C licence is valid until 2018 - so hopefully in coming years we shall return again.
Zoli/HA1CA - at the end of the contest.


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