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Photo gallery

09:00 Ready to go. Contest starts at 16:00.
I was alone on the contest (Single Op.). I got notices that Igor had to go on interview and Mome had to go for extraordinary work on Saturday.
Arrived at 11:30. Car unloaded in 15 minutes.
Useful boxes from albanian market. 2-3 EUR based on their sizes.
Antennas are still standing. SWRs at 144.300 are 1:1.1 for each.
12:30 The shack is almost ready. Where to place the PAs?
Antenna maintenance: 1 week before. Relay box + 2 x preamp. (PA3BIY) for the 2 groups of 4x6 el. DK7ZB YAGIs.
Right: relay control box. Left: RX switch. TX was on both groups (900W + 80W), RX was on the selected group.
My cables in parallel with GSM cables.
6 el. DK7ZB YAGI. 2.60m boom version.
ASL: 1326+25m. North view. The peak in front is on the same level, 1350 meters.
View downwards.
I noticed that during 4 years (2004-2008) I had no pictures on tower about me (since I made the pics with the camera). Pic. to prove that I was on the tower.
Left: FT847+Javornik Right: Control boxes for the 2 rotators + RX1-RX2 switch. I had no time to adjust rotator reading: so I had to add 130 for the East reading + I had to deduct 20 for the West reading.
Cable entrance.
FT1000MP MKV was under repair, so I used FT847. FT847 TX is not open. My IF was on 14MHz, so my max. upper freq. was 144350.0 ...
New idea: driver PA was on the front seat. Due to final PA input limit (80-90W), the driver PA was on low profile (160W).
Driver PA (GI46B) with 160W.
Hybrid ring splitter on the driver PA: 160W was divided to 2x80W. 1st leg was connected to kW PA while the 2nd leg directly to the East group.
The camp. Left: warehouse for boxes. Right: sleeping suite.
Managed to finish installation at 16:45 (in 5 hours, alone)
Power for the West antenna group.
RX switch POS1->East group, POS2->West group. LEDs were in series connection with control. During the night POS2 LED burnt out. 10 min. fault clearance: change from POS2->POS3. In an hour the same problem on POS3 LED. 10 min. fault clearance: bypassing the LED, no LED feedback on position anymore.
I hoped for bigger activity. Final result: 153 QSO. 1 new DXCC (TA).
17:30 Dismantling "downstairs" is nearly ready.
Uploading the car. Cables from the tower comes later.
Back seats utilized.
Warehouse is also dismantled.
Let's start dismantling the cabling on the tower.
Since - most probably - this was my last VHF contest from Z3, I dismantled the full cabling (except rotator controls).
21:00 Dismantling work finished (in 5 hours - alone). Ready to go back.


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