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Photo gallery

Preparations in Skopje. The 2nd antenna group is ready.
Wow, the bridge was reconstructed (last year it collapsed), we saved about 3km.
Good quality serpentine, like a "motorway".
Peren peak with T-Mobile tower. What is this 2nd tower?
GPS data. Locator should be KN12AG (Sorry, KN02 may be more interesting). Height is nearly accurate (1326m is the official.)
Start of the work 1 day before the contest. T-Mobile MK installation team and me (HA1CA)
We dismantled the antenna group last year, only 3 supports were left.
Cosmofon tower right side (on 340 degree). Sh.t, this is our main direction.
Murphy: We left the rotator, the supports for the 2nd antenna system in Skopje. 3 hours relaxation until the missing parts arrived.
Adjusting the holes for the 2nd rotator. Our plan was to operate 2 antenna groups, each 4x6 el. YAGI DK7ZB.
Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C). Sunny day, about 37 degrees. Time to protect against the sun rays.
50% of the T-Mobile MK installation team.
1st antenna system is ready. Unbeliavable, SWR is 1.0 before any adjustment.
2nd antenna group on the NE edge of the tower to cover 190-290 degrees (East, North)
Both groups are ready. According to the screen of the rotators, both of them directed to North, ---> aren't they?
For free rotation, the 2nd (left) antenna group is about 1m higher.
End of the day. We finished antenna installation after 7 p.m. on Friday.
Saturday morning we managed to solve the GPRS access problem with the help of the call center. So we departed to Stip (100km from Skopje). Dime ordered for us traditional "stipski pastrmalija" for dinner.
The last km for the Skopje-Stip-Peren trip (about 250km). To our luck, it was "reconstructed". Arrived to the top around 1:15 p.m.
1:30 p.m. The shipment is unloaded from the jeep. So, we have still 2.5 hours until the start.
Shack is under preparation. In order to be well prepared, we checked the 5 days weather forecast of BBC. It forecasted 33 degrees with 7mph wind, sunny day, with possibility for light showers. Do I need to take warm clothes at all?
Dime (Z35Z) started to pull the cables.
Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C) is with burnt face and legs due to previous day's sun rays.
3:07 p.m. Dime (Z35Z) light shower started. Time to hurry up.
3:07 p.m. Installation of control cables. Getting colder. Getting wet.
Tents. Full of rescued equipment from the light shower.
Forced interruption of the work due to "not-so-ligh-shower". Lightning stopped us working for about 30 minutes.
Igor (Z32ID)
Our secret weapon.
3:51 p.m. Still 9 minutes until contest starts. High time to start installing the relays+preamps. Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C) prepares for climbing.
Something comes.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3. Where is the antenna?
In the rain cloud.
Dime (Z35Z)
Dime (Z35Z)
Nearly accurate. The real height is 1326m.
BBC, what about 33 degrees?
Igor (Z32ID)
Is it the definition for "light shower"?
5:45 p.m. ready for start testing. An error message on the screen (nothing can work at once).
Cabling for proper sequencing. For 100% security, 5 step sequencing was applied.
Paff (HA1RS/Z38R) waits for final check, with the same error message on the screen.
Finally, at 6:30 p.m. (2.5 hours after contest start [ 4:00 p.m. local time]) we started the contest. Paff (HA1RS/Z38R) in the pile up, Igor (Z32ID) as 2nd op.
Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C) as 2nd shift.
Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C) has some rest.
Dime (Z35Z) as night shift.
Dime (Z35Z)
Igor (Z32ID)
Igor (Z32ID) surrounded with a pile of equipment. Only 1 PA was used due to the missing second antenna group.
Dime (Z35Z) is not affraid of snakes. (We forgot to tell him about snakes.)
Paff (HA1RS/Z38R) in operator's seat.
Sunday 3:14 p.m. Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C) is in QSO with IK4DRY.
Sunday 11:30 a.m., no new station in the air, time for pictures. Dime (Z35Z) and Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C)
Paff (HA1RS/Z38R) and Zoli (HA1CA/Z38C)
3:33 p.m. Dime finished the last QSO with SO8A.
Paff (HA1RS/Z38R) in 2nd op. position (driving seat).
Picture from North.
Trying to rotate (right) antenna to TA2ZAF, but 70 degree was our maximum. Maybe the radiators are already touching the tower. SRI NIL.


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