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Photo gallery

Wow, 11.717 QSO. New Z3 M/M record. We put emphasis on having fun, enjoying pile-up instead of fighting for mults. This is visible from the result, others might have made 100 more mults (e.g. DF0HQ, DR1A).
L-R: HA3NU (Laci) - HA6NQ (Sándor) - HA1RS/Z38R (Laci) - HA3OV (Anti) - HA6PX (Csaba) - HA6ND (Gyuri). This means that the picture was shot most probably by HA6OI (Zoli).
Everybody, who helped us. Operators and supporters.
Operators of Z38N Standing row, L-R: Z35T (Ozren), HA3OV (Anti), Z31GX (Chris), HA1RS (Laci), HA6NQ (Sándor), Z32ID (Igor), HA6PX (Csaba), HA6ND (Gyuri) Sitting row, L-R: Z36W (Venco), HA3NU (Laci), HA6OI (Zoli), HA1CA (Zoli) Missing from the picture: Z32ZM (Mome)
Our favorite local specialty: "Stipska pastrmalija". Based on its shape, we called it as "boat".
HA1RS (Laci) - 2nd time in Macedonia. He was active on 2m, 70cm in July 2006 as Z38R. He made the 1st-time 70cm contest operation in Z3.
HA6NQ - Sándor. VHF fun as well.
"Palinka-time" is coming soon for 10k...
160m inverted V dipole on the (ex.) control tower.
Beverage to JA across the airport -> more precisely: its trace. (During Saturday night someone stole the wire.)
Bottle of Hungarian "plum palinka" by HA6NQ, 2006 year... Palinka is tested.
Titanex vertical for 80m is under installation.
80m vertical
Again, 80m vertical.
Well done. We had to "sacrifice" ourselves, and were "obliged" to drink plum palinka, since the bottle was needed for the 80m vertical.
80m vertical.
2 x 40m delta loops.
2 x 40m delta loops.
2el. phased vertical for 40m.
2el. phased vertical for 40m.
Nice view from the control tower. 5el. 10m YAGI and 2el. phased vertical for 40m.
20m YAGI under construction.
Surely a YAGI. But which one? Who knows.
YAGI farm. All of them were borrowed from HA1AG.
5el. 10m YAGI.
4el. 20m YAGI.
A YAGI again. The top of the hill is exatly north.
Z37M's TH6DXX for backup.
R-L: HA3OV/Anti 20m, HA6OI/Zoli 15m, Z32ID/Igor 10m/160m.
Amplifier exhibition.
L-R: Laci/HA3NU, Laci/HA1RS{Z38R}, Gyuri (HA6ND)
Back-up radio.
Zoli/HA1CA{Z38C} is working on 20m.
L-R: Laci/HA3NU, Sándor/HA6NQ.
R-L: Zoli/HA1CA{Z38C}, Csaba/HA6PX, Laci/HA1RS.
A council over Zoli's work.
Venco/Z36W at 10m/160m workshop. Most probably on 10m, since it's daylight.
All workshops in a queue.
L-R: Igor/Z32ID, Zoli/HA6OI, Anti/HA3OV, Dobar apetit Chris/Z31GX.


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